Bed Bath & Beyond -
Account Navigation
Information hierarchy and design for account navigation
The goal of the project was to update the My Account dashboard and flyout navigation.

Doing so can give users easier access to their Stored Value (SV) or any promotions that we run, as well as aiding users who still haven’t found what they’re looking for.
UX/UI Designer
of My Account Workstream
Final Designs
Final design screens (above)
User Testing
AB Testing Round 1
Round 1 Design
Round 1 design (above)
Round 1 Insight
Round 1 insight (above)
AB Testing Round 2
Round 2 Design
Round 2 design (above)
Round 2 Insight
Round 2 insight (above)
Final Design to Production
Final Design
Design Changes
After going through multiple feedback from users, as well as direction from the UX head, we launched the AB test with the newly proposed design next to what was in production. The results were positive. For example, there was a

- 77% lift to MY Funds (2,079 v.s 1,176)

- 4.1% more visits to the My Account Overview Page

The change cleaned up the nav while also pushing for traffic to key pages

This new design was also made to be flexible for future additions to the flyout. This can be seen with the addition of a new feature in a later Quarter; a feature that tracks promotions for users to earn Bed Bath Stored Value (SV) called “My Funds”, which is a different project that I worked on down the line.